Store Module of CompuCash Business Management System at an Educational Institution

2020 December 14
CompuCash verslo valdymo pragramos praduotuvių modulis mokymo įstaigoje

We would like to express our joy that the store module of CompuCash business management system has been successfully implemented in the Technology and Business Training Center in Biržai.

The equipment and the store module of CompuCash business management system have been installed in a new and modern classroom and will help the students to understand the most important steps of business management, to grasp the basic principles of the store module and will provide not only theoretical but also practical touch on sales processes from the product entry into the program to the sales.

The modern teaching classroom has four learning spots fully equipped with hardware and business management program.

CompuCash verslo valdymo pragramos praduotuvių modulis mokymo įstaigoje

Key benefits of the sales (store) module of CompuCash business management system:

  • Stock balances and orders. Ability to quickly and reliably manage stock balances and set minimum stock levels. When the minimum quantity of goods is reached, the system informs the retailer so that the action would be taken.
  • Support of weighing interface. Ability to customize both advanced and simple interfaces with only the most necessary features. The simple POS interface is connected to the scales with a cable. In the case of the advanced interface, the information on the weight of the goods can be stored in the system memory.
  • Support of various barcode technologies. Various barcode scanners are supported including QR codes and weight barcode labels.
  • Convenient grouping of goods. Goods can be divided into groups. A lot of different grouping conditions can be created: for example, grouping by product type, color, size and so on. You can set filters and reports for the appropriate groups.
  • Contracts with suppliers. Allows you to set appropriate agreements on the price for each product with the supplier.
  • Sales reports. Wide range of different reports – by time, date and other criteria.
  • Office and wholesale. Office software makes it easy to create VAT invoices for wholesale.

We are excited to contribute to this new project which will enable students to enter the labor market more quickly and create new future.