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Prepared new specific versions of fiscal blocks for self-service machines, parking machines and cash registers for school canteens.

End of 2016

Installed the cash registers for transport KF5000 to JSC "Kautra" shuttle buses, together with our partners R & G Plus, have implemented the integration of the shuttle bus into the Kaunas city electronic ticket system.


Designed and certified a new set of fiscal blocks for petrol stations and the computerized cash register for transport KF5000.


Completed the implementation of electronic ticketing system and equipment in the public transport of Šiauliai, city and suburbs.


Produced CCR "Altera 04" with the fiscal unit EMPIRIJA FB 15 and the next-generation fiscal block for computerized cash register for transport KF5000.


Became the partners and representatives of the Estonian company Ektaco in Lithuania by distributing software for Point-of-Sale systems CompuCash.

2013, September

Together with "Mokipay“ and "Tavo mokykla“ participated in a project to introduce a multifunctional electronic schoolchildren card UAB "Empirija" provided computer cash registers systems integrated with schoolchildren's cards for school canteens participating in the project.

2013, August

Empirija became trade and service partners in the Baltic States of a German manufacturer WINCOR-NIXDORF


Signed contract with Lukoil in Latvia and Lithuania to install fiscal accounting attachments in POS with an electronic control tape.


Produced CCR "Altera 03" with the fiscal unit EMPIRIJA FB 10.


Produced CCR "Altera 02" with the fiscal unit EMPIRIJA FB 05.

Nuo 2007

Together with partners from Poland, R & G Plus, Empirija created, manufactured and installed more than 200 specialty cash registers "Empirija KF 4000" for intercity and long-distance communication company "Kautra".

2005- 2007

Participated in the implementation of the electronic ticketing system in Kaunas city under the project "Creation of Electronic Ticket in Public Transport and Passenger Information System". The project scoped electronic passenger cards (electronic ticket), ticketing equipment in vehicles, data transmission channels between all systems.


Produced CCR "Altera 02" with the fiscal unit EMPIRIJA FB 03.


Produced CCR "Altera 02" with the fiscal unit EMPIRIJA FB 02.


Won a competition for the modernization of Statoil's gas station cash registers network in Lithuania and Latvia.


Participated in the project of transport system traffic lights for monitoring and managing traffic flows (in Kaunas city).

1996- 1998

completed major orders for installation of POS at "Senukai", Vilnius Retail Trade, "Topo centras" and others.


Designed and produced a computerized trading system for Senukai Trade Group.


Won the competition of the Communications and Informatics and Economy Ministries for the creation of the Lithuanian cash registers, we produced the first blocks of fiscal cash registers and started to collect the computerized cash register systems (KKS) for trading companies with the fiscal blocks EMPIRIJA FB01.


The company started selling cash registers.

1991 September 19th

JSC "Empirija" was found on 3rd of October, 1991 and registered in the company register.

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