Quality policy

Parties involved in the Quality system, their needs and expectations:

JSC Empirija supervises and identifies the parties and processes involved in this quality system at different levels according to the procedures in force. The following parties that are related to the Quality Management System of JSC Empirija have been identified:

  • Clients;
  • Partners and subcontractors;
  • Company employees;
  • Suppliers;
  • Company shareholders;
  • Issuers of legal requirements and authorities regulating legal requirements;
  • Certification institutions.

Principles of Quality policy:

  • to analyze the needs and expectations of the market, consumers and parties involves in the Quality policy systematically;
  • to foster mutually beneficial long-term relationships with the company’s current and future customers, meet the customer needs – availability, awareness, service quality, service completeness, continuity, confidentiality, seek customer trust and loyalty;
  • to provide efficient and high-quality sale and support services of computerized cash register systems and other sales equipment and software solutions;
  • to promptly manage customer complaints, non-conformities, adverse events, provide preventive actions to eliminate them;
  • to require from the suppliers to supply high-quality and compliant equipment and components in order to ensure the quality of services provided;
  • to develop the creativity of every employee of the company, responsibility and understanding that the quality of products and services is not only a common responsibility of the company, but also their personal responsibility;
  • to raise the qualification and professionalism of the staff systematically;
  • in carrying out the activities, to follow the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union and other regulations covering the field of activity of the company and to ensure their compliance.

Following these principles, the company’s management is committed:

  • to create and use such Quality management system that would comply with the requirements and provisions of the LST EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard;
  • to take care that the Quality policy and goals correspond to the  intentions of the company, regularly review the company’s Quality policy to meet the requirements of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union, and to adjust Quality policy to the changed circumstances;
  • to promote the Quality policy in the company, to ensure that the Quality policy and its goals are understood by everyone, implemented at all levels of activity and complied to;
  • to analyze systematically the needs and expectations of the market, of our customers, partners and other parties involved in the Quality system;
  • to ensure the quality of the fiscal blocks, the equipment and services produced, sold and provided by the company by responsibly selecting suppliers, subcontractors and performing all business processes in high quality;
  • to provide the customers with only quality goods, software solutions and services;
  • to ensure the conditions for continuous improvement and professional development of the employees and to motivate them to improve their activities and to recognize everyone’s contribution to the successful work of the company;
  • to work honestly in accordance with the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania and the European Union and other documents regulating economic and commercial activities.