CompuCash 4000 SQ Reservation Management System in Rural Tourism Sector

2018 November 23
CompuCash 4000 SQ Reservation Management System in Rural Tourism Sector

In May, 2018 UAB Empirija successfully launched the project “Reservation Management Program in Rural Tourism Sector” in the farmsteads “Keružė” and “Lavysas” located in Dzūkija National Park.

Real time POS and business management system CompuCash is widely used in Northern and Eastern Europe. More than 10000 customers use the system in their daily work and they describe it as “extremely simple to use, effective and saving time and costs”.


Do you know that CompuCash is designed and adapted for easy everyday use?

The management of the program is very simple for the people of different ages. The most important features are clarity, simplicity and saved time. The program provides the opportunity to use and accumulate the following basic functions:·         Rooms for rent;·          Reservation;·          Observation of  the occupancy  of rooms / houses;·          Business calendar;·          Additional equipment rent (water bicycles, boats, sauna, tub and other);·          Advance and final payments;·         Client card. Customer data collection (name, surname, year of birth, phone number, e-mail, country).

The program is designed to ease the tensions of the summer season and help you make the most of technology-related opportunities. From now on customers can forget recording data in inconvenient notebooks, making corrections and eventually making errors. There will be no doubling or several families arriving in one room. Your work scheduling will be fast and effective.

At the end of the season customers will be able to make a variety of analysis on the issues of concern to them. You will get a chance to examine how many foreign guests or families with minors came to your place or how many free and occupied rooms you had during the season. All reports on the questions you care about can be easily drawn from the program.