Cash register tape

Thermo Stickers

VELLUM – the most frequently used paper for production of labels for products as well as informative labels.
COAT – semi-glossy paper for various applications, for production of high quality colored labels.
THERMAL ECO – thermo paper of standard sensitivity, suitable for weighing-machine labels, price tagging, description of product in retail trade, used in dry environment.
THERMAL TOP – thermo paper for universal application, used for weighing-machine labels, when print’s resistance to natural impact is required, it does not fade or stain. Frequently varnished additionally.
PE GLOSS WHITE/ PE GLOSS CLEAR – white glossy/transparent glossy activated polyethylene film, waterproof, fat-resistant and chemical-resistant. Excellent for application in cosmetic, perfumery areas.
SILVERVAC/ GOLDVAC – metallized silver/golden paper, suitable for production of very high quality glossy labels. Frequently used for advertising and decorations.
FLUOR – very bright colored paper, suitable for advertising labels.