Video Surveillance

CompuCash offers Hikvision’s complete solutions for video surveillance. In addition to ensuring the general surveillance the system has interface with the Point-of-Sale and therefore allows more precise control. Scam i.e. stealing from the company is still, unfortunately, too frequently occurring problem, which is not something people would like to speak about publicly, but which can be very costly for the company. CompuCash PosVideo records each action taken in Point-of-Sale and lets you monitor the actions in Point of sale system in parallel to the video. (

On the other hand, the video surveillance protects also the workers when the need arises to prove their innocence or to resolve conflicts occasionally encountered in customer service. For instance, by using the video it is easy to prove whether the drinks were delivered to the table, whether the money was given back correctly, and it is easy to track in case the customers have forgotten their goods or belongings somewhere in the checkout.

Why to choose Compucash’s video surveillance?

  • Very high quality video image and good prices for devices.
  • CompuCash PosVideo software allows to watch the video in parallel with the Point-of-Sale operations.
  • Mobile application is easy to use and allows you to monitor the recordings of an earlier period.