The Lottery of Cash-register Receipts

2018 November 19
POS sistemos

The manager of the receipt lottery project Roland Puncevičius says that the lottery focuses on the most risky areas: “We selected the businesses where the risk of unrecognized earnings is the biggest.”

Cash register receipts for the goods or services in the markets and other service places can take part in the lottery. The receipts can be issued by both companies and individuals who work on the basis of a certificate of individual activities or business licenses. Cash register receipts must necessarily be fiscal, so if you get a non-fiscal pre-check which is not recorded in the accounting system you should necessarily ask for a fiscal receipt with the fiscal logo at the bottom – the LTF letters.

“This lottery is unique and differs from the others not only because the cash register receipt is free of charge, but also because other lotteries have personal prizes. Everyone will win in this lottery because the more the cash register receipts will be registered, the more taxes will be collected. This money can be allocated to health services, education, etc. “, – said Deputy Head of the State Tax Inspectorate Arturas Klerauskas.

“It is great that no police type measures are applied, but we began to focus on the other half of the coin – the education of citizens, what are the taxes, and we encourage to contribute to the tax system since it is not just the merchant’s obligation to issue a receipt but also the customer’s obligation to ask for it. The most important thing is the fact that the receipt is always with you,” said Mindaugas Maciulevičius, director of the agricultural cooperative “Lietuviško ūkio kokybė “.

To tell the truth, not everyone can participate in the game – people under the age of 14 will not be able to play. In addition, only such a receipt can be registered in the game the amount of which for the purchased item or service is not less than 1 euro. On the special contest site you will need to enter three details of a receipt – the unique number of the cash register, the receipt number and the date. The person seeking for the win should not forget to indicate the phone number by which he/she could be contacted in the case of the win.

Each week 10 winners of the game, who registered the receipts received during that particular week, will be awarded 200 euros prizes, while one person will be able to win 5,000 euros prize each month. The winner will have to submit the original cash register receipt if he/she wants to withdraw the prize.

The annual lottery prize fund will amount to about 173 thousands euros. Prizes will be paid from the state budget and they will be handed out by the State Tax Inspectorate. The receipts received from Monday to Sunday will take part in a weekly receipts’ game. The receipts can registered throughout the current week including Monday of the following week during which one can register the forgotten receipts of the previous week.

The game of the month starts on the first day of each month and ends on the last day.