Compucash solutions

Stores and ticket sales

Stores and ticket sales

CompuCash is used by more than 10 000 people every day, because it is one of the most convenient Point of Sale systems. CompuCash helps you to win time!


  • DYNAMIC PRICE TAG DESIGN. Price tags can be designed according to your wishes, allowing the label to determine almost all of the product features.
  • SELF-SERVICE POINT OF SALE SYSTEMS. Compucash self-service point of sale is extremely easy to use, helps to save from labour costs and shorten the queues.
  • CRITICAL STORAGE QUANTITY LIMITS AND ORDERING. Minimum stock quantities can be recorded with the case where the stock is below its amount of storage the data is displayed and quick creation is allowed.
  • WEIGHT INTERFACE SUPPORT. Available both for powerful as well as simplified interfaces. For simplified interface point of sale is connected by wire from the weight. For powerful interface you can download the products into weight memory.
  • DIFFERENT BARCODE TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT. Different types of bar-code scanners are supported, incl QR bar codes, weight bar code labels etc.
  • CONVENIENT GROUPING OF PRODUCTS AND DIMENSIONING. Products can be divided into groups. Group conditions can be created a great deal. For example. Grouping can be a product type, color, size and so on. basis. You can set up filters for the respective groups, and reporting.
  • PRICE AGREEMENTS WITH SUPPLIERS. Allows you to define the corresponding price agreements for each product and supplier basis.
  • SALES REPORTING AND ACCOUNTABILITY PROFILES RECORDING. Wide variety of reports, where the report criteria can be stored as a profile.
  • OFFICE AND WHOLESALE. Office software allows bill of sale realization, from business to business (B2B)
  • DATA TERMINALS. Portable data terminals, i.e to count inventory, create purchase orders and control.

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