Compucash solutions

Sport Clubs, SPA-s and hobby centres

Sport Clubs, SPA-s and hobby centres

CompuCash is used by more than 10 000 people every day, because it is one of the most convenient Point of Sale systems. CompuCash helps you to win time!

  • INTEGRATED ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM. We provide an access control system, which is interfaced with the Point of Sale system. Services can be registered in the chip and paid when customer leaves.
  • CALENDAR AND WEB CALENDAR. For displaying rooms and specifying the group training sessions including the necessary parameters.
  • MEMBERSHIP CARDS. Cards with X number of visits or membership cards are activated when the relevant item is sold. The corresponding visiting rights are loaded on the customer account.
  • MANAGEMENT OF TRAINING ROOMS. For improved management of group and individual training. Training rooms can comprise a part of the gym or even an open air training session with a coach.
  • USER RESTRICTIONS. These are necessary for specifying the packages, e.g. business days package, morning package, weekend package, etc. Weekdays and times are specified, and these can be adjusted for each weekday as necessary.
  • CONTRACT MANAGEMENT. Options are used to define the main parameters and the contract printout forms (standard forms).

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